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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

We offer over five different services to get the job done. 

Commercial Development

We take pride in our work and to the best of our ability provide excellent quality.  A commercial development is designed, constructed, or intended to accommodate commercial, retail, or office uses. We provide clearing, stormwater utilities, shooting grades, delivery of materials and full site excavation and grading. 


Residential Development

Residential work is great for home and barn/building pads, any development on private land that provides living accommodations for one or more persons. We also offer gravel driveway work, start to finish.  ​

Vegetation Recycling Facility  

Our vegetation disposal facility is located at 6760 County Rd 769 Arcadia, FL 34269.


We accept all vegetation debris from grass clippings to tree trimmings and land clearing debris. We recycle the pine trees that come in and turn them into mulch. We recycle our decomposed vegetation through our trommel screens and that is how we produce our high quality single and double screened topsoils.  

We are proudly open to the public. From loading 1 yard of soil in the back of your pick-up truck to loading semi's.

Hours of operation: 


7:00 AM - 4:45 PM


Dirt Pit

Our 90-acre pit is located at 3511 SW Dishong Ave Arcadia, Fl. 34266.


This is where we provide our sand and fill materials. Our fill product is used to build house pads, filling in low areas and even stabilizing sub-base for parking lots. 


We are open to the public. 

Hours of operation:


7:00 AM - 4:30 PM


Our material yard is located at 6760 County Rd 769, Arcadia, FL. 34269.


We offer a great deal of material to fit every need and work project necessary. Material includes; topsoil, 3 varieties of mulch, fill dirt, washed and bank-run shell, 57 stone, ballast rock (2-3 inch rock), and 6-12 inch rip-rap.  We offer delivery and pick up. We are happy to assist with a free quote.  

More information about each material can be found on our products page.

material collage.JPG

Driveway Grading

Being located in DeSoto county we have the opportunity to service many local's with their long gravel roads. We have the tools and experience to build a road that lasts and to whatever budget is allowed.

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